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Author Archives: Kirsten Mitchell

What Does a Mythologist Do?

I like the term Deep Marketing because marketing makes sense to the business mind while Deep implies and refers to the subconscious. In Geek and Tech–friendly terms, as a Mythologist, I seek to discover each individual’s default operating system; their programming, both conscious and subconscious.

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Exploring the Phenomenon of the State of NOW #140 Conferences and Meetups

140 conference sponsors and corporate partners create synergistic on site partnerships with local communities to new and possibly game-changing partnerships with innovative and diverse community to a corporate partners to selecting and scheduling an alchemically perfect mix of presenters to entertain, educate and inspire , schedules, and attendees 140 conferences experience the same creates the same amazing results amazing work by and with amazing people.

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What's in a Name?

As a mythologist exploring Social Media, persona-packaging  fascinates me. I love delving deeply into the way we present ourselves online. Each decision, from our choice of email address, website design and domain name,  profile image, to our user name, promotes or reveals an aspect of ourselves that we wish to highlight. How we create, package, and market ourselves reveals the parts […]

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Wake-up from Reality

My Accidental Awakening: The Story of How One Western Mind Stopped Living in a Dream.
Advaita-Vedanta Slapped Me Awake! My Unitended Spiritual Awakening Through the Contemplation of Non-Dualism.

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A Deep Mythology Blog is Born

I looked myself up on the Internet-in an instant I realized that I was no longer anonymous. I wasn’t tweeting in the dark, or writing on a white board with an erasable marker. As I saw the pages of results, it hit me: my tweets, whether genius or ridiculous-are my body of work, and they are all on […]

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The Naming of Things-a Deep Mythology Analysis of the Apollo Program Archtypes

The Naming of Things a Deep Mythology Analysis of the Apollo Program Archtypes Glimpses of Gaia: Apollo’s Accidental Epiphanies:   On December 24th, 1968 three men gazed at the Earth from their Apollo spacecraft to the Earth as it orbited the Moon. This first “moon’s eye view” of the Earth was relayed back to Earth and […]

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